Your stay at the THDC will be incomplete without a day out in the wild. One of the unique features of the club is the camping facility which takes you closer to the mother nature. You will love everything from fixing the tent, campfire, songs, gazing the stars, listening to the sounds of the wild and in the end, regret packing up.

Linda - templatemo


Sleeping in open air is a different experience altogether. THDC offers one of the safest overnight camps inside the club boundaries. Listen to the distant cries of birds as you drift to sleep. With no telephones, computers and alarm clocks, you will love sipping morning tea the next day.



You will be captivated by the campfire at first. The little warmth it gives you on a cool night in the wild. Soon you will be sitting along with other members humming some old melodies. Meantime, you can help our chefs to lit the stove and start preparing some delicious dishes.